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Handling solar panels and their complex electrical systems requires specific training that only solar technicians possess. These professionals are trained in various solar technologies, including the safe disconnection and reconnection of electrical systems, which is crucial to prevent electrical accidents. While roofers are experts in their field, they typically lack this specialized solar training. The expertise required goes beyond merely attaching panels to a roof—it involves electrical safety, system configuration, and optimizing the layout for energy production.

Key Reasons to Choose Certified Solar Technicians


1. Risk of Voiding Warranties

Solar panels and inverters come with manufacturer warranties that can be voided if the installation or maintenance is not performed by certified professionals. Manufacturers often stipulate that only certified solar technicians can work on these components to keep the warranty valid. If a roofer without the appropriate certification undertakes an R&R project, there’s a significant risk of voiding these warranties, leaving the homeowner or business owner exposed to future costs if the system malfunctions.

2. Safety Concerns

Installing solar panels involves handling high-voltage electrical systems, requiring adherence to proper safety protocols to protect workers and property. Solar technicians are trained in these protocols and equipped with the necessary safety gear and tools. Roofers, unless they also possess solar certifications, generally lack this training, increasing the risk of electrical accidents or fires.

3. Ensuring System Performance

Solar R&R is not just about physically moving panels; it’s about ensuring that the system’s performance is maintained once reinstalled. Solar technicians can assess the system’s health, perform necessary maintenance, and ensure all connections and configurations are optimized for maximum efficiency. Roofers may lack the tools and knowledge required to perform these checks, potentially leading to reduced system efficiency and higher energy costs over time.

4. Compliance with Codes and Regulations

Solar installations are subject to various local, state, and federal regulations and building codes. Solar technicians are familiar with these regulations and can ensure that the reinstalled system complies with all necessary requirements. This compliance is crucial not only for safety and performance but also for qualifying for solar incentives and rebates. Non-compliance can result in fines and the loss of financial benefits associated with solar power.

5. Long-Term Reliability and Maintenance

Properly performed R&R extends the lifespan of a solar installation and reduces the likelihood of future issues. Solar technicians ensure that the system is reinstalled correctly and set up for easy access and maintenance. Roofers might not consider these factors, potentially complicating future maintenance and inspections.


While roofers are invaluable for their expertise in roof maintenance and installation, the specialized nature of solar technology and the risks associated with improper handling make it clear that R&R should be left to qualified solar technicians. Property owners should ensure that any R&R work is performed by professionals trained and certified in solar technology to maintain system performance, comply with regulations, and uphold warranty conditions. This approach not only protects the investment but also ensures the safety and efficiency of the solar power system for years to come.

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